Thank God For Closed Doors

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When I was laid off in August, 2013, I had aThank God For Closed Doors: It Takes Courage Of A Different Kind To Thank God For Closed Doors MASTER PLAN!  I would have over $3,000.00 income every month.  My brand new car would be paid off within 6 months. A luxury 2 week Hawaiian vacation would let me unwind, rest and start writing like I always dreamed of doing.

UNTIL . . .

Doors started closing.   Doors started locking.

Everything I could lose – I did.

I was angry with God.  Disgusted with life. Disappointed in Dorma. UNTIL . . .

I learned to Thank God For Closed Doors.  We hear about the open doors and are grateful when God blesses us with open doors.  But if the doors of my life had not closed, I would never have known how great God is and how strong I am.

Why I Wrote Thank God For Closed Doors

Closed Doors Excerpt 7-25-18

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