Les Brown

“Dorma’s praying, speaking, writing will change your life!” Les Brown, Motivational Speaker

“Dorma was my typist when I first started my business in the Penobscot Building in Detroit.  Her prayers and oil package made all the difference when I was working through my first bout with prostate cancer.  When I read her book, One Bad Decision, I was saddened and shocked to know Dorma had been in an abusive relationship.  But when I realized who she is, I am not shocked to see what she has done.  She used her setback as her setup for her comeback and I am not surprised she has won.  You must read her books and get her prayers on MP3 and on CD.  Everything she speaks and writes will change your life!”  Les Brown, International Motivational Speaker


“Life Transforming Workshop Facilitator” Namid Ahmed – Rehab Bloomfield HIlls, MI

“Our morale was below the basement.  I heard Dorma speak and asked her to come for just 15 minutes.  She came and made such an incredible impact that the staff personally funds her weekly visits and purchases every book and CD she creates.  Now we bring the patients and their families and they are uplifted and transformed as well.  We have our business back.”


Rev. Dr. Frederick Douglas Haynes, III , Dallas, TX

I stopped what I was doing to read your book. Your courage to share your story is incredible. I look forward to you coming to do workshops for us.


“Dorma’s Book Saves Lives.”  Martina Calpsa, Psychologist, Grand Rapids, MI

“I bought 12 of Dorma’s books for my patients.  Unknown to me, because of the abuse they were suffering, 7 were going to commit suicide, and  – 12 changed their lives, 7 decided not to commit suicide; 3 decided not to kill their children, husbands, then kill themselves.  All of them made stopped the abuse.  Some with counseling, some left the relationships, some left the State.  Dorma’s writing saved whole families.  She is a gift from God to all of us.  You are cheating yourself if you don’t buy her books and prayers.”

“Ghost Writer – Bar Harbor, Maine”

“Dorma took my thoughts and tears and turned them into the most beautiful story.  She transformed 20 years of thinking and a drawer full of paper scraps into a masterpiece.  She maintained confidentiality and delivered a product worth my investment 100 times over!”

You Put Dr. Norman Vincent Peale To Shame. Dorsey Business School Admissions Dept.

“You put Norman Vincent Peale to shame.  You made each of us feel like you were talking only to us.  My wife and children have made major changes and feel so much better about our lives, our purpose and the changes you encouraged us to make.”

Attorney Craig Altberg, New York

“You changed our family’s lives. Our relationships are stronger and we are achieving more than we ever dreamed. Thank you for the workshops at our community center.”


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