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Payloadz Dorma's Hands Cropped

Dorma McGruder has had a fruitful prayer life since 7, but in 1998, God expanded her gift.  On her way to the Detroit River to pray, she pulled over at the corner of West Grand Boulevard and Woodward and asked God what had been burning in her heart for some time.  ‘You have not called me to preach or gifted me  to sing and I’m not asking for either one.  But everyone has a ministry, what is mine?’  God answered: ‘I have those to preach to my children.  I have those to sing to my children.  I have no one to pray for my children.  When you were a baby and your grandmother was praying over you, I was passing her gift of prayer on to you.  I want you to make prayer tapes.  When you pray, I will hear your prayers, I will answer your prayers, I will bless my people and I will bless you.’   Since that time, thousands of prayers have been given in person, by mail, internet, hospitals, schools.  God kept His promises.  People are blessed and Dorma has been blessed too!

“I lost everything. After 200 resumes, I gave up. I heard your CD, surrendered to God and the company called and offered me a job for twice as much with a company car!  You soothed my soul, gave me hope and saved my life. I have sent my co-workers and family to your side to download prayers and Scriptures.  The best $ we have ever invested in ourselves.  Don’t ever stop your good work and letting God use you to bless us!”  Chester Donati, Seattle, WA


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