Prayers – Never Pray Alone Again

Personal Non-Denominational Prayers recorded on CD and Mp3 address multiple life concerns. The first portion of each prayer is recorded to rich soothing music with words of encouragement.  The second portion consists of 15 – 20 scriptures supporting only that  subject.  [Scriptures for the Business Owner Prayer are different from the Prayer For Healing which are different from the Prayer For Peace of Mind.]

I pray and fast for 2-3 days seeking direction from God for what music to play and how to use my voice for those who will receive and listen to each prayer.  Then I record the prayer with no script or notes – only the voice of God in my head and heart, telling me what to say to you.

I spend 10-12 hours selecting scriptures for each subject.  Once I know which scriptures to use, I mark then record.  Bible verses are the only thing I read!

Once all of this is done, I finalize then release them to you.

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