Prayer & Scriptures For Business Owners

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Business Owner Scriptures

Prayer and Bible Verses For Business Owners.


Prayer For YOU The Business Owner
If you . . .
– want to start a business and need more direction
– already have a business and need more success
– need God to step in at any phase of business planning and operation

THIS is the PRAYER you have been looking for!

I have a special place for business owners in my heart and tell a portion of my setback, struggle, sacrifice and conquering.

I know from experience what prayer and God’s Word can and will do to help at every stage of business.

Open your mind and heart, unleash your creativity, release your faith, and watch God step in, honor, favor and

bless your business as you have never seen Him bless, sustain, expand like never before – through this Powerful Prayer.

I had no idea that so many Bible verses apply just to us – Business Owners.

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