Some Things You Have To Do Yourself

Man Pushing Boulder Up Mountain

Faced with the need for change to make our lives better, we look to others to do for us what we ultimately must do ourselves.  Outside sources are often necessary and can be wonderful for information and even encouragement.  Faced with these situations, I have personally found the greatest changes for my best come from me doing what is required – which ALWAYS means giving more effort, strength and courage than I think I have.   Once I  admit I have not done enough and more is required, at the same time I understand my efforts so far are worthy.  Then I start pushing.  That takes a different kind of courage.  But it is in you like it is in me.  LOOK FOR IT!

With everything else. . .

With every tragedy, I still find the reason to be grateful for all that I have, who I am, the miracles I wake up to every day.  It is a blessing to realize that we have the free will to worry about what is not right or build on what is right in our lives.  I choose the latter.  It takes more energy to worry than to be thankful.  That is not based on scientific studies but on my personal experience.  We have the option of making excuses or making progress.  But we can’t do both.  Making progress is a lot better because we can build and live.  It takes more effort but oh what a wonderful experience it is, to know we have at least tried to do our best.  Yes, prayer is part of it, but prayer is not enough.  We will talk about that at another time!  Dorma

Hello world!

I am excited about blogging.  I have put it off long enough.  You will see and hear much about me and I hope to see hear and learn much about you!  I am fulfilling an academic, personal and a major, MAJOR professional requirement.  Hopefully, we can talk a lot, write a lot, engage a lot and see what the next great set of minds will do!