Learning Not Teaching Matters Most

When I was in school as a child, teachers taught us how to read, write, count, think.  The most iimportant element was teaching us to think.  We had to get an encyclopedia off the shelf and write a one page report EVERY SINGLE DAY.  We had to convert it into our own words without losing the point of the information.  Over 5 decades later, I still can.  It was important for them to teach.  It was most important for me to learn.

So it is with life.

Life teaches us lessons every single day.  The most important thing is what do we learn from what we are taught.  Do we learn not to repeat mistakes?  Do we learn not to ignore or under estimate our gifts.  Do we learn to face our responsibilities?

We had better learn!  Because if we don’t learn, life will keep teaching that same lesson until we master the lesson!


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If you keep trying to fit in with everyone else you will never know how amazing you are.    She committed to not fitting in and became:     1st African-American Woman Cable Car Conductor
Best Selling author of a non-fiction book
Orator at Presidential Inauguration
To have screenplay produced 1972 Georgia Georgia
Dr. Maya Angelou

We must operate within the laws of the land but not within the opinions of others.  When asking for advice, suggestions, opinions from those I respect, I made a startling discovery.  I was looking for permission.  I was looking for approval.  I stopped.  None of these people would step in to take the losses.  None of them deserved to step in and accept the wins.  I need input but in finding Dorma’s best, I recognized others must live with their words.  I must live with the decision.  When I started doing that I found confidence to live, do and be my best.


We Could Learn A Lot From A Horse

Image result for horses racing with blindersI love horse racing. Owners are very selective in choices for breeding, trainer, food, stable. Each horse is treated differently except for one thing. They all wear blinders. They only see what is in front whether there are 3 or 33 horses running. They race with others but only focus on themselves and the finish line. They don’t look right, left, or behind. Each horse runs their own race. We can learn from the horses.

One Bad Decision

We sometimes don’t pay attention to the possible consequences of little decisions.

One date won’t hurt.  I can put my dream on hold to help someone else.

I can wait until later to be my best.  I can give just enough right now.

My instincts tell me one thing.  My heart tells me another. I’m going with my heart. The other person is saying all of the right things so they must be the right one.

One Bad Decision put me in hell.  10 years later after I lost my business, home, cars, money, health – One Good Decision got me out.

One Bad Decision Full Story Here!


There Is A Moment

There is a moment….

There is a moment that you reach where life has pushed you beyond all human endurance. You stand at the edge of your precipice. Time stands still but only long enough for you to decide. The next decision will push you into the bottomless crevasse or propel you so high you will see it no more. You know that this is your last chance. The safest way lets you continue maneuvering in your misery. The risky path propels you up but into something you have never known before.

It is at this place I stand today, Wednesday, March 14, 2018. My arms are weary, but in my heart beats unbridled excitement and anticipation. My mind is clear with the only decision I can make. My eyes are filled with tears that I refuse to let fall because I have shed enough. I have enough with faith in God, strong will, determination gratitude for what I have done and strength to change what I don’t like.
There is a moment. This is that moment.

What Is Left – Not What Is Lost

Losses take place daily in our lives.  They can happen through decision making, circumstance, accident or incident.  We gain and lose small and great things.  It can be a job, car, home, person, health concern, financial situation – but we gain and lose.  After we assess the situation and recognize the loss we are then put in the position of answering the only question that matters.


Why is this so important?  Because that is all we have!  I have been stripped of business, love, friends, family, money, connections.  It was not until I looked at what I had left that I was able to realize that I had everything I needed to get to my next step.  I may not have liked it.  I would not have chosen it.  But it was what I had.  And it was enough!

It All Happens Twice

Every action, great and small, happens in our minds first.  Even if only for a split second, we thought before we acted.  That is confirmation that we can do it better, stronger and at the highest levels possible.  It has been said that the great things we use, read, eat, ride, drive, love, were all invented by people who were no smarter than you and I.

The only difference is that they found their purpose, added passion and pushed to be and do their best – and got better – and better – and better – and never stopped!  If it is true or not it is a marvelous source of encouragement.  They thought about it first.

PERSONALLY – I only get concerned when I don’t do my very best, when I know I could have done more – even if only by one or two steps.

AND – It all starts in my head and my heart.  Once I think I can do it, make up my mind to do it, God, life, fate, providence – call it what you will – meets me and helps me win at writing, cooking, praying, creating, typing, speaking.