One More Question?

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Answers. Solutions to Problems. Situations that seem impossible – Often can be resolved by asking just One more question. The question that is asked is up to you. Only you! Ask for a better price on an item that is not on sale. Ask if there is a better interest rate available for your credit card, automobile loan, checking account.

But more than that, ask one more question of yourself. How did I get here? Did I do enough to prevent this? What can I do better? Who can I call? What do I already have in my personal chest of resources? What skill or gift do I have that can make a difference in this place? What is the talent that I have not executed 100%? Maybe I only did $95%! But I have something! I have something! I have a gift! I have the power to at least start to fix this. There is a better way.

One More Question!

When you ask the question, ANSWER! ANSWER! ANSWER!

Try something! Take action! If you are not sure what new action to take, modify a former action you have taken. But don’t sit, wait, fall apart, hope, pray, without doing something. I know first hand what it is like to believe that you have no solution, no way out. It wasn’t until I ran out of EVERYTHING that I found the best of me. Would you like to know the greatest surprise? IT WAS THERE ALL THE TIME! I had to ask ONE MORE QUESTION. I had to try ONE MORE TIME! I had to BELIEVE AGAIN! I had to believe in God and me, once, again. IT WORKED!

God answered me when I trusted Him enough to try one more time and try ME one more time.


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