Conquer From Survival

You can create this by conquering – instead of surviving.

Waking in the morning. Getting through the day. Making it to the night.  Healthy or ill, wealthy or poor.  If this cycle is completed, we survived.  How about the next step?  How about pushing harder?  How about conquering? YOU CAN DO IT!  YOU WILL DO IT?  YOU HAVE DONE IT!  You don’t conquer every thing every day but every day you conquer something!  It starts with the decision.  Decide that you will conquer something today to get you to the dream in your heart.  It can be:

  • Throwing out the box of magazines
  • Deleting emails
  • Reading 50 pages
  • Following up on the contacts you made
  • Stretching and exercising 15 minutes
  • Drinking more water instead of pop

CONQUER SOMETHING!  It is your day and to get to THAT place and only YOU CAN!  Prayer helps. Mastermind groups help. Researching helps. ACTION is all up to you!  START!  You see part of the way and you will see it all, as you move in that direction!

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