What Are You Responsible For?

Where are you now? May I include Dorma and ask the question – Where are WE now? Are we where we promised ourselves we would be in life? Career? Business? Finances? Purpose? Relationships? Future Planning?

I am not. I used to get angry when I saw others progressing toward their goals and achieving their dreams. I used to get depressed and discouraged. I used to feel that those I helped owed me. I was wrong on all levels and areas. There is only one difference between all of those people and you and I. THEY DID IT! I stopped blaming the abusive relationships. My domestic violence started in childhood within cruel words my mother said – regularly! Because she told me she was always right, I believed her. What choice did I have? I stopped blaming, employers, friends, life. I changed my observation from: I am no further ahead because of them – to I am no further ahead because of Dorma. I am responsible. What was done I can’t change or undo.

Yet, God left me enough and adds to me daily what I need to get up and get it done. I am responsible which means to “RESPOND WITH ABILITY”. I have the ability to do whatever I need to achieve every milestone. Whatever I might be lacking (education, knowledge, practice, mentorship) I have the ability to learn and get them. It is up to us to move from the wings and shadows into the spotlight and claim our lives. NOT BECAUSE IT IS 2020 – BECAUSE IT IS TODAY! We have no control over what others say or do, but ALL control over our response is in our hands. LOOK AT YOUR HANDS! IT’S IN YOUR HANDS!

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