Level Up. Level Out.

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When we go as high as we can in our minds, it is time to push and go further in our actions. Every single day is a challenge just because life is a challenge. It doesn’t have to be a crisis, we must do better today than we did yesterday – JUST BECAUSE WE CAN – LEVEL UP! We owe it to those who are watching us but more than that, we owe it to ourselves. There is something about knowing I did a little more today than yesterday that makes me keep going – LEVEL UP! I look at others and get encouragement, but there is nothing like knowing Dorma McGruder LEVELED UP! Whether it is eating better, writing more, studying more, learning 10 more words, whatever it takes, I’ve got to LEVEL UP! You can do the same. In fact, you owe it to us to do the same and LEVEL UP! Whatever you have, we need. We need your song, your book, your business, your dream. Our world is constructed from the result of people who LEVEL UP!

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