Nobody Was There

I choose to believe this is a true story. That’s what they told me!

Tyler and James, 10 and 11 years old were doing what little boys love to do. They were were playing in the winter on a beautiful ice covered pond surrounded by trees, an open field and neighbors’ homes. They were running, sliding, tumbling, chasing each other and enjoying winter as only children can. They were next door neighbors who loved and lived as brothers. The sun was shining brightly and the cold was was not cold to them because they had on coats, gloves, boots, scarves – all of the necessary things two little boys playing in the cold on a gorgeous, bright sunny day required.

Tyler slid over a thin iced part of the pond that cracked. James saw his brother fall in and while screaming for help, immediately went to his rescue. Tyler panicked, started floating away under the ice and began to lose consciousness. James saw a tree limb he could reach, ran to break it off the trunk, slid back to where he last saw Tyler and started beating the ice. After 14 hard hits with the branch, the ice finally cracked. James could save his friend! He could save his brother. All he could reach was Tyler’s foot.

Tyler was soaking wet and almost totally unconscious as James pulled as hard as he could. When he got his brother out of the water, he looked up and there was a group of 20 neighbors who heard James screaming. Two of them were doctors and began performing CPR on Tyler. One of them wrapped James in a blanket which he removed and immediately wrapped around Tyler’s legs and feet. Tyler started coughing and began blinking his eyes quickly.

Dr. Hudson spoke first, “Tyler, are you okay? Do you know where you are?”

Tyler whispered one word. “James.”

James quickly crawled up to Tyler’s upper body, pushed one of the doctors out of the way. “Tyler! You’re okay!” Tyler and James were hugging and laughing. The adults wrapped both boys in blankets and somebody picked Tyler up and rushed him to the car to take him to the hospital. He was examined and was fine. The true lesson was heard when they got home that night. All the neighbors were at Tyler’s house with hot chocolate and cookies and the boys heard two adults talking.

“How on earth did James get that huge tree limb down?”

“You know little boys. He was excited.”

“But how did he break through that ice to save Tyler, and pull Tyler out? He was soaking wet so weighed at least 30 pounds more than he weighed dry. How could he do that?”

“Nobody was there to tell him he couldn’t”

James and Tyler used that for the rest of their lives. Every goal, job, degree, business, family decision was always rooted in, “Nobody is here to tell us we can’t so we have to do it!”

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