The Difference

The Difference – Look Closely

The valley is beautiful. Trees provide shade, grass is soft, water in the stream soothes our spirit. But all you see is the valley and can look up at the mountains. The mountain is high and takes days maybe weeks to climb, air gets thin, temperature changes. Other valley dwellers convince us we don’t really need to go through the preparation, training, slow climbing to the top of the mountain so we make ourselves satisfied valley dwellers. Once you climb the mountain nobody says it is too much work because those few who made it welcome you because you put in the effort required to get there. But once there – You see the top of the valley, the other mountaintops, the sun is brighter, the clouds are closer, the sky is more blue. You realize it is better to climb the mountain than it is to stay in the valley and look up and wonder what about the mountain view. So it is with life, business, education, writing a book, building relationships. Climb the mountain. Be one of the few who does because when you are on that mountain, you see the valley but you also see clearly the next mountain you can and will climb and even the road to get there. The mountain is worth, leaving the valley – ALWAYS!

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