Action Makes The Difference

Skyline Blue Favorite UncroppedThis is one of my favorite city skyline pictures. I don’t know what city but it has always held my attention. This is action. Why? The action required to create this masterpiece. Planners, architects, builders, landscapers, electricians, officials – and citizens – all had to play a part. They all had different responsibilities but they all acted. THIS IS OUR LIFE! To get the dream life we want: individually, professionally, economically, spiritually, relationships – requires action on our part – consistently and continually.  We have to plan, project, build, review, improve – EVERY DAY!  Nobody is exempt from any of these steps.  I discovered THE HARD WAY I am standing in my own way. I am trying not to do what I know is best because it is easier to stop. But the consequences?  HORRIFIC!  I refuse to be limited by the actions and plans of others, which means I must take actions myself – and I can, will and do.  Action makes all the difference.  Why did I choose this picture to symbolize action? Because even when it seems to be still and resting, just like life, there must be actions taken to help it stand and make it better.  If you don’t have what you want today, TAKE ACTION!

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