Gold Is Found In Reading Everyday

Book With Gold Flecks “Dorma, everything you want to know is in a book. Never let anyone tell you that you don’t need to know something or that you can’t do anything. You can teach yourself and learn anything and everything you need to know if you read. Just find the right book!” That was my Daddy’s conversation with me when I was 3 and 8 years old.  I never forgot those words and their meaning.  Equally important, I learned to apply them.  As a result,  90% of what I learned I taught myself – READING! I taught myself the computer, internet, website building, app building, audio reading, CD recording, dubbing and printing, self-publishing books and those writing.  I have traveled around the world READING! There are myths of history I dispelled and truths of history I embraced because I read. I have also been able to save the lives of family members because I could do research and find the right doctors.  What else?  I lowered my blood pressure with natural dietary changes and additions.  IN SHORT – I FOUND GOLD IN READING – TRY IT!  Books, Kindle, Audible, Internet, PDF, READ!  You will never be the same!

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