Your Bridge


joshua-sortino-228788-unsplash.jpggray and black wooden bridge across mountains covered by trees

Bridges take us from one place to another.  That is their sole purpose.  They allow us to travel across them above life as we know it. We know where we start, where we will finish and sometimes can see what is between us and our destination.  Sometimes only the top of the bridge is visible, yet I know it is a bridge.  That is how life can be.  I dare say most of the time that is how life really works.  We know where we start.  We know where we will end up. But we can’t see the middle.  Sometimes the fog of life blinds us to what is ahead and all we can see is the top.  We don’t even see the top unless we are far away or look straight up.  Then there is the bridge that is so long, you can only see what is around it and you hope the destination is what you want and need.  In my life – I am in both situations – in a dense fog while on a long journey.  I can only see the top but I must keep looking up.  I know there is an end to uncomfortable things I am facing but don’t see the end.  I encourage you to do what I am learning.  Stay on your bridge.  When the only thing you know is that you want your life to be better than it is now – stay on your bridge.  When you don’t know what obstacles are going to arise – stay on your bridge.  When you don’t know if you will make it – stay on your bridge. One thing is guaranteed.  If you get off of your bridge the only thing you will have is what you left behind because you can only go back.  But if you stay on your bridge, you absolutely will get to your intended destination.   Let’s get there together!


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