It Matters

17457894_10207009465795142_751705746897968066_n GREEN PATHThe path you choose – matters.  We are all where we are because of the paths we choose to walk.  I was in an abusive relationship for 10 years because I made One Bad Decision. Watch video  Dorma Tells Her Domestic Abuse Story

I chose to ignore my instincts and what I knew God was showing me that this man was not right for me. But then I chose to leave. We never married. I didn’t get pregnant nor contract any diseases.  I lost homes, cars, businesses, money, self-esteem.  He never hit me but regularly took my money and raped me.  Yes!  I stayed because I was scared he would kill me.  When it was time to choose suicide or write, I wrote and left.  Women’s lives have been saved by my book and story.  Decisions to walk on the path in life we choose – MATTERS!

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