Learning Not Teaching Matters Most

When I was in school as a child, teachers taught us how to read, write, count, think.  The most iimportant element was teaching us to think.  We had to get an encyclopedia off the shelf and write a one page report EVERY SINGLE DAY.  We had to convert it into our own words without losing the point of the information.  Over 5 decades later, I still can.  It was important for them to teach.  It was most important for me to learn.

So it is with life.

Life teaches us lessons every single day.  The most important thing is what do we learn from what we are taught.  Do we learn not to repeat mistakes?  Do we learn not to ignore or under estimate our gifts.  Do we learn to face our responsibilities?

We had better learn!  Because if we don’t learn, life will keep teaching that same lesson until we master the lesson!

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