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If you keep trying to fit in with everyone else you will never know how amazing you are.    She committed to not fitting in and became:     1st African-American Woman Cable Car Conductor
Best Selling author of a non-fiction book
Orator at Presidential Inauguration
To have screenplay produced 1972 Georgia Georgia
Dr. Maya Angelou

We must operate within the laws of the land but not within the opinions of others.  When asking for advice, suggestions, opinions from those I respect, I made a startling discovery.  I was looking for permission.  I was looking for approval.  I stopped.  None of these people would step in to take the losses.  None of them deserved to step in and accept the wins.  I need input but in finding Dorma’s best, I recognized others must live with their words.  I must live with the decision.  When I started doing that I found confidence to live, do and be my best.