There Is A Moment

There is a moment….

There is a moment that you reach where life has pushed you beyond all human endurance. You stand at the edge of your precipice. Time stands still but only long enough for you to decide. The next decision will push you into the bottomless crevasse or propel you so high you will see it no more. You know that this is your last chance. The safest way lets you continue maneuvering in your misery. The risky path propels you up but into something you have never known before.

It is at this place I stand today, Wednesday, March 14, 2018. My arms are weary, but in my heart beats unbridled excitement and anticipation. My mind is clear with the only decision I can make. My eyes are filled with tears that I refuse to let fall because I have shed enough. I have enough with faith in God, strong will, determination gratitude for what I have done and strength to change what I don’t like.
There is a moment. This is that moment.

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