What Is Left – Not What Is Lost

Losses take place daily in our lives.  They can happen through decision making, circumstance, accident or incident.  We gain and lose small and great things.  It can be a job, car, home, person, health concern, financial situation – but we gain and lose.  After we assess the situation and recognize the loss we are then put in the position of answering the only question that matters.


Why is this so important?  Because that is all we have!  I have been stripped of business, love, friends, family, money, connections.  It was not until I looked at what I had left that I was able to realize that I had everything I needed to get to my next step.  I may not have liked it.  I would not have chosen it.  But it was what I had.  And it was enough!

It All Happens Twice

Every action, great and small, happens in our minds first.  Even if only for a split second, we thought before we acted.  That is confirmation that we can do it better, stronger and at the highest levels possible.  It has been said that the great things we use, read, eat, ride, drive, love, were all invented by people who were no smarter than you and I.

The only difference is that they found their purpose, added passion and pushed to be and do their best – and got better – and better – and better – and never stopped!  If it is true or not it is a marvelous source of encouragement.  They thought about it first.

PERSONALLY – I only get concerned when I don’t do my very best, when I know I could have done more – even if only by one or two steps.

AND – It all starts in my head and my heart.  Once I think I can do it, make up my mind to do it, God, life, fate, providence – call it what you will – meets me and helps me win at writing, cooking, praying, creating, typing, speaking.